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Advanced Binary Options Strategies

If you are ready for the challenge we’ll explain to you some advanced strategies binary Options. In this post we are ready to shift gear from basic strategies of binary options trading to refine your possibility to succeed with your binary options investments.

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Multiplied Trade

“Multiply Trade” can be very profitable. If you wish to implement the strategy you must have experience and good knowledge of your traded property. This strategy actually takes into account the initial price of the Binary Option and your knowledge of the option. When you see after you choose PUT the option is still at its initial price and you notice that your property is trading above this price and you know it will continue to going up then you invest in another push of the PUT option to make even more profit. It is a simple strategy but you really need to know the financial market to be successful using it.

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The KNOCK-ON Effect

Apply only when you have a great knowledge of more than two properties and are ready to take a relatively large chance. The idea, knowing one property affects other property in the same market. If you see a rise of a binary option for example it maybe that it effects the index of the property. It can be assets and Forex. You should be able to analyze several markets simultaneously and know them well enough to do it.

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Spread is very advanced strategy because it means you hit a PUT and CALL option on the same binary option. What we do is we hit PUT when the binary option and wait until the price is at its peak and just when the asset starts to fall we hit the CALL option in the opposite direction. You can see this exercise as some sort of risk management that is not fixed with a lot of trades to get back your investment. The nice thing about this strategy of binary options is that you should not buy this same time frame. You can buy one in the long term and the other in the shorter term.

Market Pull

Market Pull relies on Dramatic change to the financial market. The concept is to invest in a PUT or CALL option when you have a thorough knowledge of the specific market and you know it is going to go up or down drastically. This strategy implies that you know the market well and the binary options you have selected and you are informed on a day by day basis.

There are countless methods that you can be implementing with binary options traders and it is up to you to find the method that you are willing to prevent high risk.

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